Growing up ain’t so hard to do

Late night, can’t sleep. I start to flip through some old albums. Albums of drinks and debauchery, Friends lost and people better left in dusty memories. I start to think about all the feelings of insecurity and pain. All the twists and turns life took and always feeling like the deck is stacked against you. I am sure it one part youth and one part knowing it turns out better than I could have conceived but that nostalgia does not make me long instead thankful for the distance that between the then and now. I am more me now than anyone then even got a glimpse of. My mom always said I have been old for my age for perhaps I am just better suited for adulthood. More sane in Saturday rituals that don’t include a hangover. Or perhaps these are the realizations we all come to; for most adulthood is much more standing than the indiscretions of youth.

I am one of the lucky ones who has clung tightly to the idealism and ditched the baggage. I still believe I can change the word, I just have more concrete, resulting tactics. I still stay up to late and pull all nighters but people pay me, not me paying professors. My makeup applied not smattered and none the cheap stuff. My days spent at my own pace which takes time to smell the roses. But mainly the fact I know less certainty today than I did then and I don’t need to know it all.

Ranch- the other drug

Ranch- the other drug

3/4 cup mayonnaise (organic hippie mayo is the best)
3/4 cup sour cream
1 Tbsp olive oil
1 Tbsp lemon juice
1/4 to 1 cup buttermilk
1 small bunch of chives or 2 scallions, roughly chopped
Small handful of parsley
1 clove garlic
1/2 tsp sea salt
1/4 tsp freshly ground black pepper


Place all ingredients with 1/4 cup of buttermilk in a blender and blend for 10 seconds. Check consistency and blend in additional buttermilk if desired. Less buttermilk for dipping or pizza “sauce”, more for dressing. Store in an air-tight jar in the fridge.  Leftovers will keep 2-3 weeks.


Pinterest you wicked temptress…again.

Pinterest you wicked temptress…again.



I wrote this back in August and can honestly say the addiction has just gotten stronger. I am pretty sure there are street drugs that are easier to quit.



I have so many names I curse at you from under my blanket fort in the middle of night. My insomnia is up and work productivity has plummeted. My husband has threatened to pull the internet (I think he was only half joking.)The toddlers new phrase “no computer mama”- heart wrenching folks.

That said thus far due to your sultry inspiration I have dyed the tips of my hair, made homemade ricotta cheese, homemade raviolis and peach muffins- and I have been on it a week. I have also recruited friends and family, like any good cult member. As all good temptresses I am sure the luster will fade but until than I will continue pin pine for you when I am forced to do things like my day job, bathe my child, have conversations with Husband, etc.


your adoring Chopstick


Be my enabler and


Dear Facebook,

Dear Facebook,
We have been friends for 6years. Six great stalkerific years. Hell, I have started a business about knowing you. I say this in love- you have changed. When we first became friends we were both in college-ahhh I remember “thefacebook” and needing an edu email. As most friends know there are things about college you just don’t share AFTER college yet you let me beta test this new timeline. Now you are sharing things that really should stay in memories only- you sadden me Facebook. That said our friendship will remain however the little things I share with you will change because you have become a big ol’ gossip and nobody likes a gossip.

With love,



because I am not a hipster I am…ffffuuuu

you know you are

a geek girl when you know the magnetic spot on your laptop to hold you bobby pins. <GEEK>

I gots me some motherboard woes

Long long ago in a small college town there was a girl who they called “The Angel of Death”- for PCs. She had single handily fried 4 hard drives and had one incident with a beer, dancing and a computer. Keyboards quivered and motherboards hid. Luckily for her she was relatively handy and learned some ins and outs of computer hardware- know thy enemy she figured. Once while talking with a friend of hers who was also a friend of machines (a programmer) she was informed that her brain and hence her actions moved too fast for most pcs. She in fact was too artistic for such so either she pull up panties and build her own machine or…buy a mac.

When there is an easy way out…I take it.

It was that suggestion that started an epic love. Not for just me but for those who know and love me. I no longer lived in fear of the blue screens of death. With whipping speed and snazzy graphics I started hobbying about photoshop, dreamweaver, and other adobe wonderments while . Those hobbies turned to skills and a business was born which in turn lead to an addiction. Such an addiction that your local Apple calls you…

Like all love affairs the honeymoon must end… Unfortunately for me it has been all at once. It started when I had to give-up my iPhone 3GS. Husband had moved to the 4 but I am chubby checked and mastered muting /FaceTiming randoms with every call. Alas, we were moving to a new city and needed better coverage meaning Verizon so no 3GS. I moved to the iPhone 4 white—cause it can only be white. Within two weeks I fell asleep on my iPad2 and cracked the screen. Now Apple has this nifty one strike policy so they replaced it 9have I mentioned I love Apple.) Now I have two I devices needing updates of course this is when the iMac- my life source-my heart-my brain- my one true love starts to stall and even gave me the blank stare (no turn on.) the week before that I was moving furniture and cracked my external. So no backup+all my photos+most recent client work = Spazy, the wonder girl. And I’m not joking with in that week BOTH Husband’s and mine MacBooks turn a hard drive.WTF?

I am trying and failing at achieving “business as normal”

Meanwhile behind the scene of the sobbing woman, Husband saves the day. Quickly rushing, backing up, replacing hard drives on the Macbooks in a flash and before I know it all was right with world. And running my iMac into emergent repair also up me from 1TB (which was full) to 2TB. All machines are on Lion. All iDevices are on Os5. Now we are fully operationally again. And like all relationships you become a little more appreciative of the good times when you have just come through some bad.